Profile-Dr. Olu-Sawyerr

Cancer Doctor

Profile-Dr. Olu-Sawyerr

Dr. E.H. Olu-Sawyerr is a distinguished cancer doctor and Orthomolecular clinician, serving as the Director of Immanu-el Cancer Help Centre in Accra, Ghana. With 40+ years of clinical experience in alternative medicine, he is a member of the International Society for Orthomolecular Medicine (ISOM). Dr. Olu-Sawyerr holds three earned doctorate degrees: Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Doctor of Divinity (D.D), and Doctor of Natural Health (N.H.D), all awarded with highest honors. He is board-certified by the American Alternative Medical Association as an Alternative Medical Practitioner (AMP).

In recognition of his professional achievements and dedication to alternative medicine, Dr. Olu-Sawyerr received the distinguished award of Fellow (F.A.M.) in 2010. His specialization includes the treatment of chronic and degenerative diseases, particularly cancer and infertility, with a notably high success rate.

As the C.E.O and Principal Consultant of Rick Sawyerr & Associates, a health consultancy firm, Dr. Olu-Sawyerr is a leading advocate for nutritional and integrative medicine in Ghana. He has collaborated with prominent medical personnel, including those at the University of Ghana Medical School, to promote these practices.

Dr. Olu-Sawyerr has conducted health seminars for multinational and local companies, including banks, and has presented papers on nutritional medicine at various conferences. He has also delivered lectures on Orthomolecular Medicine at the University of Ghana's Biochemistry Department and School of Allied Health Sciences.

Committed to the future of alternative medicine, Dr. Olu-Sawyerr aims to help more people embrace these treatments to prevent unnecessary suffering and premature death. He integrates his strong faith in God into his practice, praying with patients and witnessing extraordinary outcomes through united faith.

Discover the expertise and dedication of Dr. E.H. Olu-Sawyerr, a leading cancer doctor and advocate for alternative medicine in Ghana.

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