Dr. Dean Burke, former head Cytochemistry Department, National Cancer Institute, and one of its founders, warned about the falsehood being propagated as truth by the Cancer Establishment: “If you will tell the utter, absolute truth, it is remarkable how most of your problems are solved. It simplifies life tremendously. If you start telling half the truth or three-quarters of the truth, they will get you.”
Because of its failure to find a cure for cancer, conventional medicine wants everyone to believe that cancer is incurable which is untrue. It also does not want people to know that effective alternatives are available, but wants them to accept chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery as the only treatment method in existence. As a result of this falsehood and misinformation, millions of people continue to die every year. Medical propaganda has masked good cancer research.
If the cure for cancer is proving elusive, it is elusive only to conventional medicine. Alternative doctors and independent researchers have long found the cure for cancer which the cancer establishment tried ruthlessly over the years to suppress. The Cancer Establishment, comprising American Cancer Society (ACS), Food and Drug Administration (FDA), American Medical Association (AMA), National Cancer Institute (NCI), Memorial Sloan-Kettering Institute and Drug companies, is an influential and powerful lobby that has, over the years, been able to get the Congress to legislate in its favour.
All alternatives are outlawed and legitimacy accorded only the Establishment’s standard treatment of surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy – the cut, burn and poison approach. “The financial interests of – – – the Cancer Establishment have eclipsed the integrity of the Hippocratic Oath: money and politics have proclaimed conventional approaches as scientifically validated and therefore mandated by law. The terrible flaw in this convenient financial set-up is that the profits that flow to the cancer establishment are derived from human lives lost to cancer because successful alternative approaches are outlawed or unreported.” These statements by John Diamond, M.D. and Lee Cowden, M.D. with Burton Goldberg capture the conspiracy of the Cancer Establishment against humanity.

Chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery have been formalized as cancer treatments, not for therapeutic reasons, but for political reasons. As Frank Shallenberger, M.D. observed, “The sad fact is that when it comes to medicine, America is clearly not the land of the free.”

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