Psychotherapy is an integral part of our alternative treatment methods. The essence is to make our clients appreciate the fact that cancer is not synonymous with death as they probably have been made to believe, and that there are effective non-toxic alternative therapies for curing cancer.
The problem of cancer is psycho-somatic. Emotional stress and other psychological factors can profoundly influence the origin, development and outcome of virtually every disease, including cancer. How a person deals with stress plays an important role in the development of cancer and also in the ability of the body to fight the disease. Making the necessary psychological adjustment, therefore, can affect the course of the disease significantly..
One of the psychological factors commonly found to promote cancer is a deep sense of loss, for example, losing a loved one or a job. If the individual concerned is unable to effectively process the grief and other emotional burdens associated with the loss, cancer may develop, usually much later in the person’s life.
During psychotherapy, our clients learn about the nature of cancer and how it is affected by moods, thoughts and behaviours. The session helps them to learn how to take control of their life and respond to their challenging situation with healthy coping skills. In other words, it is a process that focuses on helping a client who is grappling with cancer to heal by learning more constructive ways of dealing with the cancer and its related emotional problems that are causing them so much pain.
Negative emotions, such as fear, worry, anger, resentment, bitterness, hatred, irritability and unforgiving attitude are toxic emotions. Cancer patients must purge themselves of these emotions and replace them with positive emotions of love, optimism, etc., since this can improve their prognosis. To achieve improved prognosis, therefore, our counseling sessions are designed to help them work through their negative emotions and get to a point where they enjoy harmony within. The relaxed environment which gives them greater opportunity to express their feelings as well as a solid support system of family members, friends and health professional – all work together for a better prognosis.

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