Can the war against cancer ever be won by modern medicine? Cancer research expenditure increases every year but the incidence of cancer and mortality continues to rise.

Before the “war on cancer” was launched in 1971 by the US President Richard Nixon, billions of dollars had been spent on cancer research to no avail. With the declaration of the “war on cancer,” leading scientists who would embark on the research promised the US Congress a cure before the country’s Bicentennial.
By the year 1996, the 25th anniversary of the “war,” the US government had spent $25 billion on cancer research, but the cure for cancer was not found. Other organizations, including the American Cancer Society (ACS) had also spent something close to that amount on cancer research. Yet the number of Americans afflicted with this dreaded disease continues to rise, reaching an awful 1.5 million by 1996. Conventional medicine failed to win the war against cancer again and it is still wallowing in its failure. Why did it fail?

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